Good drawing skills are fundamental to painting. A drawing can be a finished piece of art or it can be used as a guide to paint by. Anyone can learn to draw and paint if they can learn to see the basic elements of design in the world around them. I’ll teach you, step-by-step, the elements of drawing and watercolor painting, gradually adding more complex and challenging skills. 

Lesson # 1 awareness (Lines)
Lesson #2 Lines Continue 
Lesson #3 Shading and Dots
Lesson #4 Shading, light source, & Grid Drawing 
Lesson #5 Blending, Crosshatching, & the Grid  
Lesson #6 Grid Method For Drawing the Face of Keira Knightley  
Lesson #7 Grid Drawing of Keira Knightley continued  
Lesson #8 Watercolor Wheel Lesson #9 How to Paint a Watercolor Color Wheel Continued  
Lesson #10 How to Paint Darks and Shadows in Watercolor
Lesson #12 Perspective and Shading in Watercolor
Lesson #13 Tweaking and Refining Your Artwork
Lesson #14 Linear Perspective continued, and Sketching Without the Grid
Lesson # 15 Linear Perspective Continued
Lessson #16 Linear Perspective Continued
Lesson #17 Linear and Aerial Perspective
Lesson #18 Two Drawing Exercises
Lesson #19 Mixing Grey Watercolor for Atmospheric Perspective
Lesson #20 Art Terms and Painting a Watercolor Sunset
Lesson #21 Eye-hand Coordination Exercises  
Lesson #22 Painting the Sky in Watercolor  
Lesson #23 Stretching Watercolor Paper  
Lesson #24 Painting a Sunset in Watercolor  
Lesson #25 Painting and Scraping Water  
Lesson #26 Trees in a Watercolor Painting  
Lesson #27 Painting Another Tree in Watercolor  
Lesson #28 New Background to Watercolor Painting with Photoshop



Xixian said...

I really appreciate your tutorials :) it helps me a lot as I am starting learning to draw by myself.

dan said...

Hello Mara
I stumbled upon your blog accidentally, Whilst looking for
Art inspiration (i,m a novice watercolours).
I started pencil drawing about 10 years ago, Then for various reasons
Drifted away from it.
I feel your lessons will/are invaluable to beginners.

Anna Jean said...

I just found your website. I have been devouring all the tutorials. I haven't done any (yet) but what I have learned just from reading the information is like, "ahhhhhh, how come no one has ever told me this before". I'm not talking about just one thing, it is all new to me!
I am trying to to teach myself watercolor painting. There are a thousand tutorials everywhere and some are great!! But a lot of times info is missing. I needed to mix a grey color and I wasn't getting it from her instruction so I googled it and found your blog.
I know what I am reading may be old (I think I saw 2009), but the info is still valuable and I hope you are still teaching online.