About me

Hi, welcome to my watercolor gallery!
I’m a married mom who loves to paint. I work in a small studio in my home where I tend to lose all track of time sometimes! We are bombarded with so much stress nowadays that I try to create watercolors that show beauty, wonder, fun, and hope. There is no rhyme of reason to what I choose to paint but I know what I like…and I try to create on paper, what I see in my mind.

It’s fun to paint whether I’m working on a portrait, a landscape, or a still life.
When I paint a portrait I get to know my subject very well, every freckle and eyelash!  

And after painting a beach scene I feel refreshed like taking a good vacation.  

Illustrating food is a different story. I get hungry and look forward to sampling my reference material when I finish! 

Working on a children’s book takes me to a different world – and I get lost in it!

And most of all, I love the new people I meet!

I’d like to share what I see through my paintings! I hope they interest you and that you enjoy visiting my gallery!   



tennisbuff said...

You have always been such a talented artist! I still have your pencil sketch you made of me back in 1971! Hope all is well with you! Mark Hinrichsen

sdpathare said...

Dear Mara
while searching for the shding techniques ,I came across your lessons site ,It was really amzing to see the iillustarions and the Techniques described in such simple text

I read the pillow lesson and the Lnadsacpe lesson

Looking looking forward to try the landscape in the evening whne the office work is over. The lesons hav einspired me to do some work everyday in the evening ,as mnay times you tend to skip or miss due to the late hours in the office,but now I will devote atleast 30 min. everyday . Thanks a lot for such a good blog