Monday, December 9, 2013

Watercolor Patterns for Quilting

Painting patterns in watercolor has my interest lately. It reminds me of doodling on  my notebook paper in elementary school, kind of "mindless" and relaxing. 

My mother, aunts, and several friends are quilters and they patiently turn out beautiful works of art with fabric, a much more laborious and time-consuming process than watercolor painting! Watercolor painting is a solitary profession, for the most part. So what I love about quilting is how women come together and share the work of making a quilt, as well as the joy of each other’s company.  That's how the "quilting bee" was born in early America. Women and girls would come together at one house and quickly make a quilt that could take several weeks for only one person to make. Once the quilt was completed for one woman, they moved on to the next one. There are generations of family stories and history stitched into thousands of quilting fabrics, patterns and designs.

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