Thursday, November 7, 2013

True Myrtle Watercolor Painting In-Progress and the Color Spectrum Song

This is what it looks like after I peel off the masking, revealing pure white paper.
Gradually I add details of the blossoms where the white paper used to be.

This True Myrtle painting is taking too long!  It has been a busy month with many distractions and changes here.  hope you enjoy seeing my progress. 

I really respect artists who paint trees and foliage, because that is not my forte'!  I've discovered that my mind wanders...I keep taking breaks to check my mailbox, get a snack, make a phone call, or clean a bathroom (no kidding!).  Getting lost in all those leaves and stems has me trapped!  I'm listening to audio books to get me through. 

Last weekend my daughter was visiting and reminded me of this classic video of Ludwig Von Drake's "The Spectrum Song". It's a lesson about color.  I hope you enjoy it!    

Here is the direct link:

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