Wednesday, October 16, 2013

True Myrtle - Watercolor in Progress

I'm working this little painting in between some of my other work because I wanted to try something different while my computer crashed!  Yup, I kind of sensed it coming and was able to back up all my files onto an external hard drive. The next morning, literally, my computer would not turn on...the main logic board needed to be replaced!  While waiting to get all set up again with a new computer, I could not access my reference photos. So I started something new.  

This is the beginning stages of a True Myrtle bush. Our neighbor has some and we plan to plant it in our front yard as part of our DIY landscape project because it is very drought resistant.  Here I have isolated the white flowers and buds by painting them with masking fluid using a toothpick. I rarely use masking fluid but have tried all kinds of applicators. The best I've found is an inexpensive toothpick!

Here I have applied some loose, watery washes of color to distinguish between the leaves and the background, cool and warm.

Below is a photo reference of the bush, Myrtus Communis. 

Our Do-it-Yourself yard project is slow going!  Seems there are always detours happening in life!

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