Tuesday, July 16, 2013

White Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream - in watercolor!

I’m painting an important subject right now, ice cream!   Seriously, my cousin’s husband, a very loved member of our family, passed from this life to be with the Lord this past year and he loved ice cream.   So I wanted to do a series in honor of him.   I’ve been taking pictures of various compositions but it just wasn’t working!   

Then I remembered the rule: “simplify”.  So I placed a big scoop onto a plain white plate & took a reference photo (then ate it before it could melt, of course).  I like to draw and paint from life rather than photos but there is no way I could paint this before it melted!  When this one is finished I plan to paint two more flavors.  

This shows my progress so far, with a lot of pale yellow masking fluid covering the white paper in strategic areas.   I don’t know, do you think simple is a good idea?

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