Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Watercolor Painting of the Duomo of Giarre - finished

Shine Your Light in the Darkness  16" x 24" watercolor

In have finally finished this watercolor painting of Duomo of Giarre in Catania, Italy! In a previous post I mistakenly stated that this is a scene from the rear.  Oops!  It is a front view!  The reference photos I used were taken from (Giussepi's mother's) a family member's balcony. Imagine looking out at that view every morning! 

I mentioned that I would showcase the sky and I hope I achieved that as the focal point.  On this sad day following yesterday's tragedy in Boston, Massachusetts I thought about all the violence in our world and want people to have hope so I titled this painting "Shine Your Light in the Darkness".

Soon I will be selling all my artwork via an online auction.  I have never sold my work online before so I have to admit I'm a little scared!  Just do it...right?

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