Friday, April 26, 2013

Watercolor Painting Masquerade Mask in Progress

Continuing my progress with the Masquerade painting, this has about three layers (called glazing) of paint.  The light areas are the white of the paper showing through. Watercolor takes a little planning because there is no going back with opaque white paint once the paper is covered up. I'm working with all transparent paint pigments.

Just going layer by layer, darker and darker, careful not to cover the light highlights of the paper showing through.  Notice I made the model's arm's skin tone a slightly different color than the rest of her skin - more blue (which looks greyish).

I drew a design pattern on her arm with pencil lead, just random, and began to paint it with a very fine brush.  I used a random mixture of paint colors to make "black".

The background looks grey in these photos but it is really pure white.  I'm thinking of painting in a graded background while I place a piece of tracing paper over the image and color it in with a pencil and smudge it with my finger.  I still have to finish painting the mask itself also.

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