Friday, March 29, 2013

Flamingo on Point - Plein Air Watercolor

Flamingo on Point  5.5" x 9.5" on 8" x 10" acid-free textured paper  plein air watercolor

This watercolor of a flamingo was painted outdoors (en plein air) at the San Diego Zoo. 

Slow motion photography shows famingos pump water through their bill 20 times per second to filter their food. These birds spend most their day feeding, preening, resting, & bathing.

Their beautiful pink color comes from a diet rich in alpha and beta carotenoid pigments found in their food.  And no, if you eat gobs of carrots you will not turn pink but you might turn a little yellow! (Flamingos don't eat carrots, by the way).

Soon this, and other paintings of mine will be available to bid on online auction! 

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