Monday, February 25, 2013

Watercolor Painting of the Duomo of Giarre-part 1

 The beginning stages of this watercolor painting of Duoma of Giarre in Italy is interesting. Most photos are taken from the front of the building but a family member gave me some pictures taken from the rear.  The dome itself is beautiful but when this painting is finished it will showcase the atmosphere of the sky.  This is day one, where I have sketched the image and laid in the first watercolor glaze in mostly grey.

My daughter and I, with Dave, had another fun day sketching at the San Diego Zoo this weekend.  Dave was so patient to tag along!  There were so many animals to see, and the foliage is beautiful!
                                           Here we are, sketching.

                                     Dave and Janna on an escalator.

         The Okapi’s were really rambunctious, playing tag and falling down!

                               The Rhinos weren’t interested in posing.
           Beautiful Rainbow Eucalyptus trees just outside the Zoo entrance.  

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