Saturday, November 19, 2011

Easy Inexpensive Picture Frame

This is my solution for a large inexpensive Picture above our piano.

I needed it quickly and didn't want to purchase wall art with expensive moulding, mat board and glass. And I didn't want it to show poor taste. But what? Hmmmm. Something seasonal maybe!

Last year I did this 32” x 40” painting called Thanksgiving Pumpkins. It’s done in gouache and pastel on corrugated cardboard. I sprayed it with Krylon fixatif so the pastel doesn’t rub off. It’s really cheap! It’s warped and the edges are marred. Nice moulding just wouldn’t fit!

So I cut a big 36” x 40” piece of unfinished ¾” plywood and drilled two ¼” holes in each corner to fit around my “painting”. Then I strung lengths of raffia through the holes and tied them on top over the painting. It holds the warped painting in place and doesn’t look like I’m trying too hard to make it look tasteful!

I screwed two heavy-duty picture frame hangers onto the back of the plywood and strung them with framer’s wire.

The framed painting hangs by the wire on a wall hook that I nailed into the drywall.

You could use this idea with a series of small pictures on small pieces of plywood. Maybe use some of your children's artwork! And use ribbon instead of raffia for a romantic or Christmas theme.