Saturday, August 13, 2011

Plein Air Watercolor Painting on Catalina Island

I’ve been watercolor painting en plein air on Catalina Island. This a finished painting of the Casino Ballroom viewed from Descanso Beach, just north of the village of Avalon. Plein Air Painting is done outdoors, in the air, on location, very quickly, to capture the light as it shines on a scene.

There were 10 of us very serious energetic ladies…well, some of us…who got up at 4:30am each morning (not me).

This is a small 2” x 3” thumbnail study I did with water soluble colored pencils. I did this before starting the finished painting to test colors and position layout.

And we painted well into the night. Here’s a picture of me with my headlight trying to paint a street scene!