Monday, July 12, 2010

Drawing My Hand in Watercolor

I felt like practicing a little life drawing today, by painting and drawing my own hand! This painting is 6" x 6".

I've been following several "daily painting" art blogs. These artists do a small painting a day - every day (or almost everyday) and post it on their blog. Many painters find it hard to find time for painting because of other responsibilities like jobs, family, school, or whatever, especially if painting is not their full-time profession. So their artistic skills don't improve as quickly as they'd like. By making a one to two hour commitment to paint one small painting every day they keep their skills up and improve more quickly. Most of these artists then sell them on their blog, on an online store, or an auction like ebay.

Two of my favorite daily painters are Carol Marine and Ali Cavanaugh. They paint full time and are my no means amateurs!

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Mara, Nice job! Glad to have found you.
Enjoy, Eileen