Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Little Graphite Shih Tsu Named Natalie

No other dog could replace my friend's little Shih Tsu named Buddy when he went to be with God in heaven. Then along came Natalie! No, she couldn't replace Buddy but she is loved just as much and is in a class all her own.

This little gal was a joy to draw. I used a #2 pencil with a touch of #5 here and there in the darkest areas. I used a kneaded eraser for highlights and mistakes!


Anonymous said...

Nice rendition of Natalie!

RobinCW said...

Dearest Mara,
As usual, you have captured my sweet little Natalie Wood and I will treasure the portrait of her and Buddy forever.
You are truly talented and I'm incredibly blessed to have you as such a good friend.
Thank you!