Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mr. Toots Watercolor Sketch

I painted this quick, 45 minute, watercolor sketch in Capitola, California just south of Santa Cruz. My daughter had to work on some artwork so we found this quaint coffee shop called Mr. Toots. We followed a narrow stairway up to the second floor where we were greeted by heavenly smells of coffee beans, sandwiches, and pastries. One end had a tiny balcony that overlooked the beach and restaurants below. We sat in a corner with our espresso and pumpkin pie from midday until dark. The seasonal tourists had left and it wasn’t crowded so we felt like 7 hours wasn’t too long to take up a table! And there was plenty of caffeine to keep us from nodding off (as if that’s a problem when you’re doing something you love…like art and spending time with your daughter!).

This painting is done on textured clay board (by Ampersand) instead of watercolor paper, and measures 6"x 6". I’ve always wanted to try it!

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