Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Progress on a Watercolor Series with Wine and Pineapple

As I continue painting, I think the wine glass is just a little bit too small. It needs to be bigger! But what can I do?

I took a firm bristled watercolor brush with clean water and painted over the outside edges of the class and the foot of the stem, and pressed over it with a paper towel. Then I wet it again, and pressed again, lifting up paint. Again and again…until the paint was almost gone. Then I let it dry.

Then I began painting again, expanding the sides and top with new paint. The new paint covered the areas I had lifted and you can’t even tell!

Then I propped a big old pineapple in front of me and began painting that in, layer by layer. And I have started to add just the slightest under-painting of a shadow for the wine glass.

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Anonymous said...

OMG this is amazing! I'm planning on painting a pineapple and this is just so inspiring!