Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Portrait of a Daughter-a Beginning

One day as I was flipping through a fashion magazine I saw an article about the movie Beatrix Potter with a beautiful photo shoot of the movies’ star, Rene’e Zellweger by photagrapher, Mario Testino.

I thought, “My, wouldn’t that be a beautiful idea for a portrait painting?”

Well, I soon got a chance to use my idea! I had only one photograph to use for the portrait, and I thought it just might work, since I know the subject personally!

I did a detailed sketch on tracing paper, changing Rene’e Zellweger’s proportions by elongating the neck and legs, and adding the face from the subject’ photo.

I added a pet cat and a single stem rose as props to make it personal. I also changed details of the dress and shoes to a more generic representation from an old Sears catalogue, so as not to steal from the original designer.

Next I enlarged my sketch about 200% on a copy machine, several sections at a time. I taped all the sections together with clear tape and positioned the enlargement onto a prepared piece of watercolor paper with drafting tape at the top. Drafting tape looks like masking tape except that it’s not as sticky, so it won’t ruin your painting surface.

This is the enlarged copy of the drawing. I will next put a piece of homemade graphite carbon paper underneath my drawing and carefully trace the image onto the watercolor paper (See lesson #12-Perspective and Shading in Watercolor, where I show how to do this).

I’ll show you my progress on my next post!

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Laryssa Herbert said...

Beautiful! I'm excited to watch how this progresses.