Monday, May 4, 2009

More Progress on a Watercolor Series

This little guy and his ball of cheese is slowly taking shape. Notice how the colors have changed? Especially in the shadows. The purple under-painting is still there in all that shadow. You see it on the edges. I have painted over it with a mixture of bluish grey colors using a slow process of glazing, letting it dry, wetting sections with water, and lifting off color by blotting with a paper towel.

Hmmm…maybe I should do a lesson on that process with shadows.


Marian Heart said...

Aww! I love the concept.
As for lessons, any tutorials you create will definitely be used. Right now I'm having trouble with drawing believable shadows in general, so a tutorial on painting shadows might be a little over my head, but I'm sure I'll find the concepts helpful in one way or the other.

Mara Mattia said...

Thanks for your comment. Shadows are tricky! I try to use them only to emphasize the the light. You capture that so beautifully in your photography - amazing!

Marian Heart said...

"The shadow proves the sunshine" :)

I can see the shadows, and I know exactly where they go and how dark they should be (most of the time, that is), but what I have trouble with is how to render them in pencil. I guess what I am really having trouble with is finding a style to work for each subject. Whenever I try and cross-hatch, my shadows end up looking like I pressed too hard in all the wrong places. Maybe I should try smoother paper.

Mara Mattia said...

Yes, I have trouble with pencil on rough paper. I find it hard to control. Paper that is too smooth is also a problem for me because every little nuance in pressure shows, making a smooth shadow look uneven. There are three books I like to take a look at every now and then for drawing: THE PENCIL by Paul Calle (my favorite). DRAWING REALISTIC TEXTURES IN PENCIL by J.D. Hillberry(still life & portraits), & THE COMPLETE COLORED PENCIL BOOK by Bernard Poulin. Each book gives a different variety of style and shading.