Friday, April 10, 2009

My Watercolor Art Studio

I thought it would be nice for you to see where I work!

My first studio was a designated area marked off by a toddler fence in our master bedroom. That worked until our son was about 2 ½. Then we bought a house with four bedrooms. Our son had his own room when our first daughter was born and she had a nursery…and I had a painting room!

When our second daughter was born each child had his own room and I lost my private painting room, but my paints and I got to share the nursery with the baby!

Soon we moved the girls together to share a bedroom, and the nursery was designated solely to my painting.

Before long I rolled the cars out of our garage and moved my art supplies and equipment into a room my father-in-law built. Then daughter #1 got her own bedroom again!

In 2003 we added a totally separate art studio to the back of our house. All I have to say is, “it’s wonderful!” Now I have plenty of room to function efficiently, and plenty of natural light. It has 3 sections. 1 - Watercolor painting needs access to water so I have a sink. 2 - My paintings also need to be framed so I have framing stuff like a mat cutter, glass, moulding, and big carpet-covered table on wheels that holds supplies underneath. 3 - There is a corner for my computer, printers, and book cases, and a special outlet designated for a kiln. And it has a bathroom!

With just a quick walk through our bedroom or dining room door and across the patio, I’m at my place of work. I don’t even have to dress up, put on make-up if I don’t want to, or stop at the gas station to fill up my car! And I have a place to discuss business with clients without having to make sure there are no dirty dishes or clutter on the dining room table first! But, you know, I am usually working on several projects at a time so it gets a little cluttered. All I need to do is close the door and lock it when I leave. Everything is then right where I left it when I return to work!

I didn’t think I would ever have such a nice place of my own to work in, but God has blessed us and I am grateful. That’s why I teach free lessons on my blog…I want to give out of a grateful heart!

And this Easter as my family celebrates the one who paid the price for our shortcomings and sins by dying as a sacrifice on the cross, and overcoming death by rising again, I wish for you a blessed season!

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Laryssa @ Heaven In The Home said...

Thanks for the glimpse into your fun room! I usually just work at our school table. I'd really like to have my own studio area someday!

Happy Resurrection Sunday!