Friday, April 17, 2009

The Creative Process of a Watercolor Painting Series

I think this creative process will be fun for you to see.

My husband and I were eating at an Italian restaurant one evening. The atmosphere was festive with parents and kids, lively chattering friends, mouthwatering smells, and shouts from the kitchen. The dining room was dimly lit with a cozy little candle on each red and white checkered tablecloth. I was thinking of food and friends and got an idea! I had a picture story in my mind. So I started doodling ideas on my napkin.
Over the next several days I developed it a little more.

And over the coarse of a few weeks, between my other projects, I worked out the sizes and general compositions of five (I wanted to have an odd number) paintings that tell a picture story.

This is the beginning! To be continued…

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