Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lesson #18 Two Drawing Exercises

Two fun drawing exercises today – one you can do independently and the other is fun to do with at least one other person for comparison.

This first exercise strengthens eye-hand coordination.

The four images above are only half there (you may click and drag them onto your desktop and print them). I cut each of them off with a broken line.

In the space to the right of each broken line draw the mirror image or reflection of the image on the left.

This second exercise strengthens your mind’s eye – hand coordination. It will have lots of erasing and shading. Use pencils and cotton tips, shading stumps, finger, or tissue to achieve the shading. Grab a kneaded eraser, and some colored pencils or crayons. And paper.

Find a fun friend or group of people, give them each a copy of my instructions and follow them in the order given (Do not look at each other’s artwork until you are completely finished). Draw:

1. A light source in one upper corner of your paper
2. A long face
3. Red hair
4. Some freckles
5. Brown eyes
6. Brown lashes
7. Thick eyebrows
8. One or two piercing
9. Glasses
10. High cheek bones
11. Full lips
12. A birthmark or mole
13. A birthmark or mole
14. A chain or necklace
15. A hat
16. An ear
17. A pet on one shoulder
18. One dimple somewhere
19. A scarf
20. A scar
21. Long nose
22. Nostrils that flare
23. Chocolate cookie crumbs
24. Shade your picture with
the light source in mind.

When you are finished show each other your drawings. Don’t you think it’s interesting how differently our mind’s eye hears, sees and interprets? Such creativity!

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