Friday, March 20, 2009

I Was Featured on News From the North Country

This is an original watercolor Thank You to Chris at News From the North Country.

Yesterday, on Thursday, March 19, Chris featured my blog in a short article there! She said:

“When you come across a great art blog, you want to share. That’s exactly what I found while reading art blogs when I came Mara Mattia Watercolor Art.

Mara’s art is warm and colorful. She is a confident artist with a deft hand. The blog design reflects her keen artist’s eye. The gray background allows her art to spring off the screen.

Her blog is a treat to read, with teaching lessons and plenty of advice for artists. Lessons are
written with plenty of photographs. Mara also illustrates for children books. Her illustrations are a delight.

Looking for a colorful vision treat? Stop over and visit Mara.”

Thank you, Chris, for recognizing me! This is what I know about Chris, an interesting artist and lady. She is:

“…primarily a self-taught and self-representing artist. My work weaves a tapestry of the realistic, natural, imaginative and historic, reflecting my deep love and commitment to the preservation of the natural resources of the Upper Midwest.

I am a long time supporter and volunteer of conservation efforts throughout the Midwest. In 2000, my husband, Norm, and I were commissioned Colonels by the state of Kentucky for our volunteer efforts at Mammoth Cave National Park. We are also co-authors of 101 Things To Do on the Wisconsin Great River Road.” (from her website)

Her site specializes in original watercolors and features news to inspire, Business, and Marketing information. When you visit click on her Site Map at the top of the posts. Lots of good information there! I also have her link on the right-hand side of my blog under My Favorite Art Links.


Anonymous said...

Nice & a great Site. It gives me inspiration to develop my Art examples of which canbe found at and also Ideas how to develop my blog.

Mara Mattia said...

Dear Vijayendra,
Thank you for your email letter. I visited your web site and was very impressed that a young man of your age is so accomplished! Your work looks very exciting and your site is very interesting with all your colorful artwork. It's displayed so nicely. And I am impressed by all the awards you have won! You have very honorable goals in your life. You are a smart,talented young man! I hope you enjoy and learn a lot from my site and other places. Best wishes and blessings to you as you continue in your goals.
Mara Mattia