Friday, March 27, 2009

Graphite Drawings of Horses

Horses, horses, horses...almost everything I drew while in high school was horses! I lived and breathed horses. A neighbor and I even pretended WE were horses! ...until she told me, "Good grief, I like horses but I don't want to be one!"
So finally I got my own horse, an older, mellow, quarter horse named Toby. I spent part of my sophomore year of high school in a cast, with a broken wrist from a fall after I flew over her head and landed on the ground. The embarrassing part is that I wasn't bucked off. She just stumbled a bit in a little hole and over her head I went! Remember, I said she was an older horse.
Several years later my father did a carving of her.


Janna Lynn Mattia said...

Draw some more horses, pretty please? They're my favorite thing to watch you draw - you know the anatomy so well, and I still have yet to master the back-leg-knee-area. Very challenging. I love the very rich look of the Appaloosa - it looks like such a soft, healthy horse. Grandpa's carving of Toby is definitely captivating.

Mara Mattia said...

Aww!! I miss Grandpa. He was so talented. The best way to learn to draw anything is to get really familiar with something...guess it's time for you to hang around and observe some more horses!

Beth Whiting said...

These drawings are very realistic and the horses are powerful and strong. Beautiful work.