Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lesson #21 Eye-hand Coordination Exercises

Good Morning! I am a little late because of some technical difficulty with my camera’s battery! So today I’ll give you a few coordination exercises instead of the lesson I had planned! These are good for small children but you adults may find them interesting also.

With a pencil, start drawing a line through the Mickey Mouse maze by entering at his tail near the dog at the bottom. Don’t “bump” into the sides of the lines by touching the “walls” of the maze. Come out at the end of the paintbrush where the duck is.

With a colored pencil or marker, enter this maze by choosing a pathway to enter and coloring it all the way through to the end where you come out! (These aren't really mazes because there is only one way you can go...but they look like it!)

With a straight-edge tool like a triangle or ruler, practice drawing lines across the outer edge and middle of the wheel, aligning the dots and short lines as a guide. I have drawn two lines as an example.

In the exercise above, I have four boxes on the left that have several objects in them. In the space to the right of each square draw the corresponding objects overlapping each other. You may rotate them, change the order, make them smaller or larger, but they must all touch each by overlapping.

I’ll have an exciting lesson for you next week when we will continue techniques for our sunset painting!


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Mara Mattia said...

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