Friday, March 6, 2009

Garden Watercolor Portrait Commission

I understand that less than five percent of the American population has ever been inside an art gallery. So there was a time I took my gallery to a local farmer's market. I didn't sell much of my hanging watercolor paintings at that particular market but I did get quite a few commissions.

One talented lady designed, cultivated, and maintained her large garden surrounding her home, and asked me to paint it. I really enjoyed this project because it was so beautiful and peaceful there. Every corner of her yard had a spectacular view and if I walked just three feet in any direction I saw a totally new scene.

This little painting is very small, and I had a hard time selecting just a few vantage points to sketch and paint from.


Kelli said...


And what a shame that so few have been to an art gallery. My local art association is working hard to change that.

Mara Mattia said...

Thanks for your comment. Art associations are a really good place to find affordable original art. And their members have so many interesting life experiences. You have a really interesting site! bless you for being such a giving person and involved in so many worthwhile charities. :-) Mara

Honor Martinez said...

You captured the palm beautifully. What a lovely picture. Honor

Mara Mattia said...

Thank you so much, honor!