Monday, March 9, 2009

Details of Children's Book Cover Art in Watercolor

Remember, I illustrated this book well over a decade ago! The book title was designed to fit on this little painted wooden sign.

I hand Lettered the original book title, Beary Tales from Honey Pine Woods in watercolor.

Everything was illustrated a little larger than final print size. Lucky for me the art director chose a different font or lettering style because this one was really “dorky” (a term we used in the 60’s & 70’s). And the shadows on these letters were coming from a different light source than the light source on the sign!

This is the finished cover Title. Now that I take a closer look, I notice that the light source here is still not right! Can you tell what’s wrong?

The light source on the lettering, indicated by the shadows, is from the upper right hand corner. The light source on the sign, by the shadows on the branch borders, shows to be coming from the upper left!

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