Monday, March 2, 2009

Children's Book Illustration of a Room over the kitchen

Another watercolor illustration from Dusty’s Beary Tales!

It was brambleberry season…

…and Papa announced, “JJ, It’s time you moved out of the nursery!”

Mama hung a sheet across the kitchen and said, “No peeking.” …the hammering and sawing continued for days.

When they finished they led JJ into the kitchen. There – in the far corner was a new pine cupboard. He couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Did they really think he should sleep in a cupboard?

Then Dusty knocked firmly on the wall three times. The cupboard door popped open to reveal a secret stairway…to a loft Papa and Dusty had built over the kitchen!

With a bird’s-eye view JJ could look down and watch Mama cook… Then he noticed an iron pulley on the wall. Hanging from it was a rope with a bucket tied to the end. Dusty said it was an easy way to get things upstairs. And Papa gave the cubs a ride in it.

…That night Dusty camped with JJ in his new room. Mama made a soft bed out of old Indian blankets. Then she rang a bell and told them to haul up the bucket. When they did, they found fresh Brambleberry Cobbler inside!


Honor Martinez said...

It boggles my mind how you can do a watercolor illustration so detailed and so enjoyable. It seem like it would take months to do. Great job. By the way I have read and reread you articles on drawing. Thanks so much. Honor

Mara Mattia said...

You're welcome, and thank you for your kind comments. Without a deadline this would take me months also! I had 9 weeks to complete all 100+ illustrations. I was given the first 3 chapters to illustrate in the first 7 weeks and the last 5 chapters to illustrate in the last 2 weeks. So I worked ‘round the clock with a nap here and there! Our kids were very little at the time so you can imagine…and we couldn’t afford a babysitter my husband was run ragged with the kids, the house, and his job!
love, Mara