Saturday, February 21, 2009

Watercolor Illustration of The Beehive and Mr. McGruder

Another children’s book illustration from Dusty’s Beary Tales.

Summer Vacation! The bear cubs swarmed out of the little red schoolhouse like bees in search of honey.

…they cut through Mr. McGruder’s place. Mr. McGruder was a gruff old bear. The cubs called him “Old Grizzle Face” because he snarled like a mean old grizzly bear when he got mad.

Then it happened. Thunk! Dusty ran head first into a huge beehive that dangled from a tree branch…

We had an interesting coincidence while researching this scene. Just about the time I started gathering reference pictures of beehives, a nice swarm of bees began building a hive on a tree branch beside our driveway. We watched their progress for a few days and then began planning to move them to a box on the back edge of our property. Then, without warning, they abandoned the half-built hive and flew away. We surmised that too many ants were invading their hive.

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