Friday, February 6, 2009

Illustrating for Non-Profit Organizations in Watercolor

This is a fun little book cover I illustrated in watercolor for a non-profit organization a few years ago. Sometimes I do pro-bono work, if I think the cause is worthwhile. This was for a multi-cultural poetry workshop for at-risk teen-aged girls.

I was really disappointed for the girls when the workshop was canceled at the last minute…and my time spent on this project was all for naught.

It was fun anyway, and I offered them six different versions to choose from. The first one in yellow and green was the original painting and I used photoshop to tweek the colors in the other variations.


Honor Martinez said...

How sad to think they missed out on this delightful work. Teenagers need to see more of the arts and this relates to their own lifestyle. Perhaps a local school could feature it? Honor

Mara Mattia said...

Dear Honor,
Thanks for your suggestion. I agree! I hope the program idea is picked up by someone who is passionate enough to make it happen!