Monday, February 23, 2009

Children’s Book Illustration of Hoedown in Honey Pine Woods

This is another watercolor illustration from the children’s book, Dusty’s Beary Tales.

The Beary family cellar was filled to the brim with food…it had been a very good year!

Time to strike up the band and have a hoedown! Reverend Berryhill got everything started with a Thanksgiving blessing:

Father God, you created every berry, nut, and tree. You created my family and friends, and you created me. You’re the god of the Honey Harvest and all that is good, true, and loving. For all these things and more, help us to be truly grateful. Amen!

Food, music, ice cream, dancing, singing, games, softball, fireflies, and fireworks!

They shared their abundance with their neighbors and knew no bear or cubby would go hungry this winter.

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