Friday, January 16, 2009

Watercolor Painting of Holland Girls

This watercolor painting of Holland Girls was done from reference photos and sketches of actual buildings I saw in Holland, Michigan. I rearranged the scene to suit my imagination. I wanted to get all 7 elements into this composition (the trellis, the house, the fence, the bench, the girls, the ducks, and the windmill!) and they weren’t anywhere near each other in reality. The windmill is an actual 18th century working windmill, “De Zwaan”. The girls are from digital reference pictures I took of my 16-year-old brunette daughter in our backyard (Yes, both girls are from one girl posing). The ducks are from the lake near our house. Taking the liberty of changing something to fit an artist's preference is called Artistic License! Yet in my painting I have kept the elements authentic and their integrity intact.

21” x 28” original (contact artist for price quote)

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Gina said...

Amazing realism!