Monday, January 12, 2009

Watercolor Illustration of Holland Posthouse

This watercolor illustration of Holland Posthouse depicts a charming Dutch community not far from Grand Rapids, Michigan called Holland. This colorful, friendly area features a 7-day tulip festival in early May. All year long you can visit a re-creation of a 100 year-old Dutch town. With my camera I visited Windmill Island, a 36 acre park of tulip gardens, dikes, canals, shops, the Posthouse, and "De Zwaan" the 18th century working windmill that still grinds grain into flour. Just north of town is a tulip farm, a wooden shoe factory, and the only factory in the U.S. that makes authentic Delft pottery. Springtime in this place inspired me to paint a series of three paintings: Holland Posthouse, Holland Girls, and Holland Bridge (still in progress).

28" x 21 original (contact artist for price quote)

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