Friday, January 23, 2009

Pencil Portrait Drawing of a Little Dog, a Shih Tsu

This pencil drawing of my friend’s little dog, a Shih Tsu in three poses, was an absolute pleasure to do. It was done entirely in #2 pencil with just a slight touch of #5 pencil in the shadows directly under his feet.

This little guy was my friend’s pride and joy. When a group of us friends get together and take out our wallets to share pictures of our children, she whips out her pictures of Buddy. They dangle in a long string of clear, accordion-bellow-shaped pockets…at least a dozen or more, where he is featured in every conceivable costume and decoration! His Halloween and Christmas ensembles are most impressive!

Buddy is in heaven now, having a great time! So my friend has another Shih Tsu to love, named Natalie, with her own personality and showcase of pictures and ensembles – But nobody can replace Buddy!

Soon I’ll be doing a portrait of Natalie and I’ll post it for you all to see!


ali cavanaugh said...

mara, thank you for taking the time to leave such a nice comment on my blog. I have read through your entire blog and you are amazing. i especially love your black and white work. the detail is wonderful.
to answer your question, yes the 3 figure commission is going to be on an custom aquabord panel. Ampersand is making it for me. The commission is going to take me forever...3 kids, life size. i'm very excited about it though.
i'll add you to my links page, ok?
stay in touch and God bless, ali

Mara Mattia said...

I am so impressed with the work of Ali Cavanaugh. This is one accomplished young lady! See her work at or go to MY FAVORITE LINKS at the sidebar at the right on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Mara, thank you for putting Buddy's drawing on your blog. He will forever be in my heart and now through your lovely artwork, I can see him and enjoy him forever. You are so talented and I am looking forward to working with you in the future. Love and blessings, Robin.