Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lesson #8 Watercolor Wheel

This is a watercolor colorwheel. Aren't it's colors pretty? Like a rainbow! It is a chart to help us choose and understand colors. We can buy color wheels at an art store, but making our own is very helpful to our painting.

All these colors are made with only 3 basic colors called primary colors. They come first. Like the first school you start with is primary school, the first colors we start with are primary colors. Even brown and black can be made with the three primary colors!

Orange, green, and purple are called secondary colors. They come second (secondary). Notice that I have some color dots on my color wheel. Those colors with one dot near them are primary colors. Those colors with two dots near them are secondary colors.

The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. It takes primary colors to make secondary colors.

If we mix yellow and red together we get orange. If we mix yellow and blue together we get green.

If we mix red and blue together we get purple.

You will need a couple (2) shiney paper plates, a container of water, a paint brush, some watercolor paints (red, yellow, and blue), some watercolor paper, some paper towels or cloth rags.

Squirt just a tiny bit of each color of paint onto one paper plate. Dip your brush to wet it with a little water and mix it with the edge of the yellow paint to make a watery mixture. Put the watery yellow mixture onto the other plate. Then swish your brush in the water to clean it.

Do the same with the red paint and transfer it onto the other plate across from the yellow mixture. Mix the two together until you have orange. You may need a little less red than yellow because red is so dark. Paint a little on your watercolor paper like I’ve started to do here. Always swish your paint brush in your water between colors to clean it.

Now do the same thing with yellow and blue. And have fun painting on your paper.

Then experiment with red and blue…have fun painting on your paper. Now just do anything you want and have fun seeing what happens. I wish I could see what you are doing!

Here are some Christmas Pictures to practice drawing with a grid like I showed you in previous lessons.

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