Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lesson #5 Blending, Crosshatching, & the Grid

In our last lesson I introduced you to drawing using a grid, and shading by stippling and pencil-stroke shading. This week we will learn two more types of shading and continue with the grid.

Here we have an example of finger-blending and crosshatching.

For finger-blending use the side of your pencil and pencil-stroke some shading. Now rub and smudge it with your finger.

For crosshatching use the point of your pencil or a pen and draw little lines that cross over each other in different directions. Vary the stroke by making some of them close together and others farther apart so you get the darkness or lightness you prefer.

Now let’s take a small picture of an elephant (pretend you see it in a magazine) and with a pencil draw 5 evenly spaced vertical lines (up and down) right onto the picture. Next draw 4 evenly spaced horizontal lines (crosswise) on the picture.

Next go get a big sheet of paper and draw 5 big evenly spaced vertical lines on the paper and 4 big evenly spaced horizontal lines on your paper. Just like on the small picture, only bigger! And draw an outside border around the area on your big piece of paper.

Review my previous lesson (#4) and draw your elephant (just like you learned last week when we drew the ice cream cone and gorilla) onto your piece of paper. The only difference is that you are drawing bigger.

Now try it all again with a picture of a football!

Now erase the pencil lines on your big drawing and shade the elephant with finger-blending and shade the football with crosshatching. And add a shadow on the ground like one of the examples above (review lesson #4).

Here’s an extra picture of a cowboy boot you can practice on. Maybe shade it with stippling or pencil strokes like you learned last week.

*Remember you can click and drag these pictures onto your destktop and print them.

Next week we will begin to learn how to draw a human face. See you next Tuesday!

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Marina said...

Thank you so much for all these lessons!!! I've been looking so much for some classes to do with my kids and you made them perfect for us. I have a 3 different ages to work with and you made them very entertaining for all of them. God bless you 😊