Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lesson #4 Shading, light source, & Grid Drawing

I will now introduce you to shading, your light source, and grid drawing.
Last week I left you with these images and asked you to guess what they are.

Now I have added lines to make shapes.

Here I have added shading to the shapes and shadows on the ground.

And look what happens when I lower the shadows down so they do not touch the shapes. It looks like the shapes are floating in the air above the ground.

Do you notice there is a yellow dot in these previous two illustrations? That is the sun! Notice on the items that the shadows are on the opposite side of where the sun is shining from.

Notice the Shadows are the same shape as the contour shapes we started with – only smashed flat!

Remember stippleing? Now I’ll introduce you to pencil stroke-shading.

Stippled fish. Pencil-stroke shaded ball.

Now we will begin learning to draw. And I will continue to add more and more about shading and shadows as we progress.

See the ice cream cone in the box with squares numbered from 1 to 16? Do you also see the box to the right with squares numbered from 1 to 16? But it has no ice cream cone, does it?

Now I want you to draw an ice cream cone in the other big box, and this is how: Look at the first big box in square #1. Is it empty? Then go to the second big box to square #1 and leave it empty. Now go back to the first big box in square #2, do you see a curved line in the bottom right-hand corner of square #2? Go to the second big box and draw that curved line in square #2. Notice where your lines start and stop at the edges of each square. Is it the same as in the other big box? Now go back to the first big box and notice what’s in square #3 and draw that curved line in the second big box in square #3.

Continue on like this until all the squares are just like those in the first big box.

Then do the same thing with the gorilla if you would like. It’s a little harder because of all the hair!

This exercise teaches your eyes to notice things and is very important in learning how to draw. It’s called drawing with a grid. Eventually you will learn to measure what you see without using a grid

*(note: Some computers will allow you to click and drag these illustrations to your desktop, enlarge them a bit, and print them from your computer.)

See you back here next Tuesday! (If you have missed a lesson just scroll down and you will find it on a previous posting.)

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Wow, there is a lot involved in these lessons. Definitely essential points.