Friday, November 7, 2008

Learning To Fly In Watercolor

This is a portrait of my brother and the plane he flew when he was getting his pilot’s license. It’s a Champ that was probably built in 1958 by Champion. It originally was a Tri-Champ with tricycle gear (little wheel in front) but was converted to conventional gear (little wheel in back) in the field. The plane’s home was in Arizona at that time, then it was sold to someone in Texas, and then sold to a man who restored it near Denver, Colorado. My brother happened to notice it several years ago parked at the airport where he keeps his Citabria. The tail number was indistinguishable; but the horrible paint scheme was a dead give-away, as it was unimaginable that there could be more than one airplane with those awful colors. He was able to share some laughs with the owner, about learning to fly in his bird.

I had fun painting this portrait even though I didn't know very much about painting skin tones. I have learned a little more since then!

24” x 32” Original


Rox. said...

Wow girl! really nice to see your work & the way you work!

Mara Mattia said...

Thank you! I'm new to blogging and am trying to make it interesting :o)